Sandbox Summer Snowboard Camp Report

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Thanks to an above average winter snowpack and warm, sunny temperatures, it's been an amazing summer for shredding. Sandbox has long been a supporter of a few different summer snowboard camps across North America. Check out the photos and captions below from Woodward at Copper Mountain, High Cascade Snowboard Camp at Mt Hood and the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club at Whistler Blackcomb.

Woodward at Copper Mountain

Scotty Vine hooking up the Woodward campers with some Sandbox swag. Photo: Chip Proulx

Another stoked camper with a new helmet.

Scotty Vine sessioning the Cooper wallride with a Frontside Handplant. Photo: Chip Proulx

Just a mellow Front 3 One Footer by Scotty: no big deal, right? Photo: Chip Proulx

High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Session #3

Mount Hood had awesome full top to bottom laps with tons of different, creative features. Brin Alexander gets barrelled by Scotty Vine’s slush slash at the top of the Palmer chair.

Some lucky HCSC campers taking home a ton of free Sandbox gear at one of the daily, after lunch Sandbox park jams.

Mount Hood photobombing a Melissa Evans fashion photo shoot.

The rails start out super low at the beginning of each session but melt out fast and get taller as the week goes on. Melissa Evans with a Backside Lipslide on one of the many rails in the HCSC park.

Banger shot of the week: 
Brin with a Tail Grab to Fakie over the valley on one of the natural hips at the top of the Palmer chair.

Whistler Valley Snowboard Club 

If you see this guy, be sure to give him a high five for keeping snowboard camps alive and well on the Horstman Glacier. Rob Picard, WVSC bossman.

Truth Smith with a Back 5 Melon on the big jump. Next hit, he stomped a Back 9 Mute first try. Summer camp progression at its finest.

Truth Smith doggin' it on the last day of camp BBQ.

While campers were scrambling to get new tricks landed on the last day of camp, D.C.P. made a guest appearance to give a serious style lesson.

Guest appearance #2: Canadian Snowboard Team rider Darcy Sharpe did some laps with all the campers keeping the stoke levels high.

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