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On a snowy night in 2003, Kevin Sansalone and a group of riders looked out the window of their lodge to see a driveway full of pick up trucks, snowmobiles, and snowboards all lightly dusted with fresh snow. They laughed, thinking the scene looked like a big kids Sandbox.

A few years later, Whistler/Blackcomb implemented mandatory helmets in the highest level park. In 2007, wearing a helmet was Not the norm. To abide by the rules while considering his image conscious riders, Kevin developed the classic helmet – the first helmet with a brim that didn’t compromise style for function. What began as purely making product so the guys could ride the park became the most sought after and recognizable snowboard helmet brand in the world.

Sandbox helmets fuse protection and style that speaks to our roots in boardsports. Our aesthetic elevates the concept of head protection from a nuisance to a must-have accessory, while never compromising our commitment to quality and safety.

We love what we do and we use what we make, every day.

Thanks for taking Sandbox along for the ride.

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