Valdosta Yardsale

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Recipes for a great weekend: warm temps, sunshine, a large group of awesome people, mellow vibes, some adult beverages and wakeboarding. That about sums up the Valdosta Yardsale at Valdosta Wake Compound. Although it was technically a contest, it felt more like a wake festival with numerous competitors and spectators opting to camp out over the weekend. With night time bbq's and live music, some went even as far to nickname the event "Wakechella".   

An event of this magnitude doesn't just happen by itself so a massive thanks go out to Quinn Silvernale, long with Jeff McKee and a large crew of Slingshot riders.

Check out the photo gallery below with highlights from the weekend.

VWC's skate park saw plenty of action over the weekend. Nick Dorsey locking into a 5-0.

The log cabin feature was the one of the biggest features on the course and it saw plenty of action. Dylan Miller with a Front Board 270 Off the top rope.

Canadian grom Liam Brearley was one of a handful of qualifiers to ride in the event. Despite being only 13 years old, he held his own against the rest of the field.

A rare moment of Alliance Wake's Cole Vanthof sitting still and not documenting all the action with his camera.

Stevie Volts, aka Steffen Vollert, was a busy man all weekend capturing all the action for the official Yardsale video. He managed to put down his camera to squeeze in a few runs.

Aaron Gunn and Nick Dorsey waiting for their runs.

Aaron Gunn, Transfer Backlip to Backside 270 out off the shipping container. Savage.

Raph Derome, Cab 180 to wall ride on the first left hand feature of the course during the golden hour.
 Brenton Priestley locking into a Back Lip for his first hit on the course.

Oli Derome with an Indy BackLip during Friday's evening final.

Dinner. Parks Bonifay making sure Porky Pig doesn't get too crispy

Canadian and Coalition star, Dary Znebel was a standout all weekend long. Spending a big chunk of winter at VWC definitely paid off. Frontside wallride on the shipping container.

A lot of riders spun laps on the main cable in between their contest runs on the System 2.0. Nick Dorsey with a Front Blunt on the rainbow rail out of the pool on the backside of the main lake.

Aaron Gunn launched wave after wave of attacks on the Death Star but try as hard as he might, he couldn't trigger a chain reaction to detonate its core. He did manage to win 2 out of the 3 events at the Yardsale, so at least he's got that going for him. 

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